Two Egrets Media Interview

On my latest release Surrender I was privileged to record the vocals and other overdubs at a studio called Two Egrets Media and Recording.
Mike Garrigan, their head audio engineer & producer, has recorded scores of audio projects for recording artists all over the US. Mike’s band Collapsis garnered a #28 Billboard Modern Rock hit with the song “Automatic.” Mike also toured with the Greensboro based Atlantic Records band Athenaeum for many years.

I remember engineering and producing my first EP The Cross of Jesus entirely on my own. It was such a crazy attempt to try and sing a vocal part while engineering at the same time.

I’m used to it at some level, but the difference between doing it completely on your own and having another set of trained ears is massive.

I would encourage every artist to search for honest input. Any one with a laptop in their garage should at least have one other person to provide them with objectivity and constructive criticism. This is much needed and can mean the difference between something good and something great.

This is why I’m a big fan of co-writing. It’s imperative that creative people surround themselves with a community giving them healthy, honest feedback.

Mike over at TwoEgrets was a huge help for me and convinced me of this important principle. Sometimes being a loan ranger is fun – and perhaps necessary at times – but I’m glad God put people around me to challenge me and bring the best out of me… For His glory.

Check out this interview I did with TwoEgrets at their website.