What Am I Waiting On?

Bored-businesspeople-in-a-001What am I waiting on? Its a question that I’ve asked myself my whole life.
I nervously mumbled it before I signed up to play pee wee soccer. I asked it (in my tough guy voice) when my friends started talking about forming a rock band in the eighth grade. And today I’m still asking the same question.

What am I waiting on?

Hurry Up And Wait

As a musician you live in a hurry up and wait world. You hurry up to travel to a gig and then you wait three hours to hit the stage. You hurry up and make contact with a booking agent and then you wait 3 months for them to get back to you. If your lucky you hurry up and record and then you wait for your label to release it six months later.

Plain and simple, it sucks!

One of the main reasons why artists don’t have success is that they wait on others to do what only they can do.

Waiting On Others

Completely relying on others is a huge mistake! Your manager or producer probably doesn’t wake up thinking about how to make you successful in the morning. They wake up thinking about how to make themselves successful and that may or may not include you. No matter what level you get to, you have to be the one driving your career.

I understand that you can’t do everything and you shouldn’t do everything yourself, but you should be the one in the drivers seat.

What Every Artist Should Do

Here is what every artist should be doing…

Recently, Phil Vassar got on the phone and called radio station music directors all over the country and he personally talked to them about his new upcoming single. How awesome is that? Every country radio music director gets the thrill of a lifetime by having Phil Vassar call and ask for them personally and chat for a few minutes.

Phil gets a lot more plays on his new single and a lot more support from those core stations. Sounds like somewhere along the way Phil learned that if it was going to happen then he was going to have to do it. You may not be able to call radio stations, but you can call venues and you can make sure that your fans know that they are your priority. (Ever thought of sending out thank you cards to fans?)

You’re Driving

Drive your career. Always be brainstorming on how you can market yourself better. Are you communicating your vision to your team? (booking agents, managers, label, etc.) What if your not getting their best because there isn’t any vision? If you don’t set the vision, who will?
No vision equals no success!

So, what exactly are you and I waiting on?