What Happened To TIM? (Part 1)

T.I.M. talks If you’ve been following this podcast for a while, then you may be wondering, what happened to T.I.M.?

If you go to http://theindependentmusician.com you’ll notice a landing page, and how things link back to this site.

Here’s the podcast page now. Blog posts, and show notes are here now. Things are different, right?

More than that you’ve most likely noticed a drop off in the episodes.

Well, in this post, I’ll be sharing some news, though I can’t share everything yet.

An Update On T.I.M.

Right around the same time I launched T.I.M. Talks in March, I started contracting for a publishing company in Nashville, doing their WordPress administration, social media management, and digital marketing campaigns.

T.I.M. was a part of my plans going back to last year. I had this grand vision. After doing the CMB Podcast in 2013, and seeing some measure of success – at least for a small fry like me (996 subscribers was a big deal in my mind) – I got excited about how much of the internet marketing hacks that I was learning about actually worked.

Building an audience online was something that I had always thought was important for indie musicians these days, and as I began seeing CMB grow, I wondered if I could transfer what I was learning to indie artists looking to build an audience themselves.

Looking at several case studies where indie artists were using free content to leverage their growth online, I had a vision to reverse engineer their success and talk about this new way of doing music business. Since I had seen a little bit myself with CMB, I thought I’d embark on a journey of the blogging musician.

Content marketing is a big deal these days and I wanted to explore it as an indie artist coach. I also wanted to record the journey and publish it in the form of an audio podcast.

But here’s where I went wrong….

I still completely believe in this stuff, but I made a decision that was a mistake. Don’t do what I did:

To give myself the time to commit to this venture, I decided to scale back at my job, get paid less, and dive into the world of indie-entrepreneurship. I had set a date at my job to step out of some of the roles I was in, and go part time.

It was a huge pay cut, and one that I was confident I’d be able to make up for after a few months of producing products and services for my audience.

I had huge plans for T.I.M.

But I wasn’t ready.

And, at the same time, other work began to show up on my plate that I hadn’t accounted for.

I underestimated the amount of time that was required to get to the place where I’m bringing in the income needed to support my family.

Yes, I’m having to eat humble pie and confess that I over extended myself.

The Full Story

Someday, I’ll share even more of the full story, but at this juncture I have to put things with T.I.M. Talks on pause.

My priorities are:

  1. My family
  2. My personal growth
  3. My work
  4. My church

I will likely do blog posts periodically here at the blog, but the next few months, I’m going all in with the priorities above.

I do have several unpublished episodes of T.I.M. that may come to the surface sometime, but I can’t promise anything on when that will be.

From one T.I.M. to another, thank you.

And don’t go away, because I plan to pick certain things back up in the future. This blog will always be here, and you can always reach me here if you ever have any questions about anything.