What is Eternal Life?


Eternal Life Defined

If you’re in Christendom, you’ve definitely heard the phrase Eternal Life a time or two.

In recent months I’ve been thinking about Jesus’ definition of the phrase.

He defines it for us in a simple, yet profound way.

No where in his definition does he describe “pearly gates”, or “mansions in the sky”. In this particular place he doesn’t even talk about immortality.

So what is eternal life exactly?

It’s an easy answer, and for people who would be more interested in the sensationalism of religion rather than actually walking with Jesus, they may be let down by it.

Jesus himself clearly tells us what eternal life is. The phrase Eternal Life doesn’t show up in any other book of the Bible more often than it does in the gospel of John. In that account of Jesus’ life, John records the phrase 17 times; and it’s the last time – the 17th time – that it is explicitly defined for us.

Eternal life is knowing God and knowing Jesus. That’s it. And what an amazing thing it is!

Here’s Jesus:

“And this is eternal life, that they know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.” (John 17:3 ESV)

How does this affect your understanding of eternal life? What has eternal life meant to you up to this point? It’s easy to live your Christian life in a world of “pearly gate cliches”.

If you’ve placed your faith in Christ doesn’t it move your heart to know that you have eternal life now? You have been given access to know the true God and be in fellowship with His son. That’s pretty amazing.

What is eternal life?

Yes I believe in the resurrection of the dead. One day I’ll need a new body so that I can physically experience God’s presence in a way that I never have. If I’m to know the true God deeply and intimately I’ll definitely need an immortal existence.

But it’s not just living forever that makes me have eternal life.

It’s knowing Jesus that makes all the difference.