Where Did I Go?

369870700_efa8724a93_1 I am in Rome training to become a priest.

No I’m not. It’s simple really. I’ve been busy. It seems the older I get the more computers either bother me or excite me. Depending on the day. Lately they’ve been more of a bother. Oh well. That’s no excuse for me not to get on my blogging soap box. I miss blogging.

Here’s the latest:

I have a bigger heart for the local church than I’ve ever had. You should go check out Stop Dating The Church by Joshua Harris. His perspective on why being a part of local church is very insightful. It’s got me fired up.

I love God and the people He has put in my life. The church I work and serve in is called Grace Church. Our little slogan is: "A heart for God and People…" I want more of that.

I’m reading a handful of great books at the moment. Ranging from authors such as John Piper, The Puritans, Dave Ramsey, John MacArthur, and Randy Alcorn…. Randy’s new fiction work, Deadline is hard to put down. I haven’t read a good novel in a while.

Also:Watch this video.