Worship Song Set (25)

photo-9Set List Sunday

I’m looking forward to doing some new songs this year – songs that are popular and songs that are yet to be known.

One goal I have is to write more songs for our church. I’ve always been a big fan of churches that create original material for their ministries.

As a songwriter I got convicted last year that I was being complacent in my stewardship of our weekly song choices. I was falling off the horse on the side of never doing anything original.

This is not to say that doing other people’s music is lazy.

Of course I’m not saying that. There will always be songs at a national and international level that are written for the body of Christ. These songs are gifts to the church.

But if local churches have their own gifted artists and writers, they should be utilizing them, trusting that God will bring forth the fruit, however He wants it, whenever He wants it.

Each local church has their own unique role to play in the grand narrative of God’s mission in the world; therefore, each church can have their own unique soundtrack that marks its own movement – no matter how large or small the movement is.

This morning’s worship song set:

Jesus Saves (HYMN Remake)

We recently started a new series at Living Way on the Church and its mission. In selecting songs, I was trying to kick things off with one that speaks about the call we have to proclaim the gospel – to be more outward focused in our mind-set.

Jesus Saves is an old hymn that does that well. Tim Hughes also wrote a song based on this hymn, but I wanted to write something that was closer to the original. Sorry there’s nothing for you to hear yet. At some point I’ll probably include it on a new EP, or at least record it for the blog.

Your Love Never Fails (Skinner/McClarney)


Your Great Name (Krissy Nordhoff)


How Great Is Your Faithfulness (Matt Redman)

So that’s this week’s worship song set. Would love to hear what you did at your church!

Share it with us in the comments!