The Definitive Leadpages Overview

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This video is more than just a review of Leadpages.

This video is a DETAILED overview of LeadPages and why you should choose them over Optimizepress, Megaphone, and all the rest.

Leadpages is your one stop stop to creating sales pages, opt-in pages, squeeze pages, and any other landing page you can think of.

Leadpages is incredibly easy and allows you to get a page up very quickly.

Here are just a few reasons why Leadpages crushes the competition:

The Definitive Leadpages Overview

THE definitive Overview

Easy To Use

Leadpages is quite possibly the easiest SaaS application I can think of. Not just with lead generation, but in cloud based software in general.

When you consider how convenient Leadpages is to the alternatives, it makes it literally an easy button.

Designing Landing pages that are optimized to collect leads into a web form that integrates with something like Aweber or Mailchimp is not an easy task that you can just sit down and do in 5 minutes.

Leadpages takes care of all of that.

If you’re a WordPress user, you can get the Leadpages plugin to easily publish any one of your pages from leadpages directly on your site.

Think about a 404 page for a second!

With the Leadpages plugin you can make any Leadpage your 404 page, thereby getting optins from borken links and people’s errors!

Pretty awesome.

Sort By Highest Conversion Rate

Leadpages is constantly testing their landing pages, including all the pages that their users are actively using.

When choosing a new template for a page, Leadpages let’s you sort by conversion rate, placing the highest performing pages at the top.

Testing is vital when it comes to optimizing your online efforts. Leadpages is awesome at this.

But there’s another reason Leadpages rocks:

Leadpages is an innovative leader in the ever evolving online lead-generation industry.

With their creative way of thinking, they have come up with several other lead-gen features like “Leadboxes”, “Leadlinks”, and their upcoming “Leaddigits” for mobile SMS lead-generation.

They’re constantly improving their software and getting stronger by the second.

If you are a designer yourself, you can also submit your own landing page templates to the Leadpages marketplace and get paid!

Now, I’m not a designer, but if I were I would be all over this.

What I am though is an affiliate marketer, which brings me to my last point on Leadpages.

They have quite the affiliate program.

Zealots and fans boys of Leadpages who do videos like this one, can get paid for spreading the word. And quite nicely too….

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If you’re just getting started in building an online business, you shouldn’t wait to start building your email list.

Do it with Leadpages today!

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